The Soprano Titanium Laser is the continuation and later version of the Soprano Ice Platinum. This laser hair removal system has worldwide recognition at the “My face, my body awards, 2019”, where it was voted “treatment of the year”.  It is one of the most modern generations of laser hair removal devices.

What is offered by the Soprano Titanium Laser

Ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort
Thanks to its large 4cm² spot size and advanced cooling system treatments are much faster and pain free offering a significantly improved hair removal solution and experience for clients.

Faster – Full body treatment in 40 minutes
The TRIO 4cm² head is an absolute comparative advantage. With 4cm² spot size, synergy of the three different wavelengths at the same time and coverage it significantly reduces the treatment time and offers a comfortable and safe treatment. With TRIO 4cm², hair removal is fast, efficient, and comfortable.

The treatment is performed quickly and painlessly and thus significantly reducing the treatment time ensuring pleasant experience for the client.

More flexible – Two Head Slots
The Soprano Titanium is the first system in the Soprano family with 2 head slots allowing the connection of different treatment heads. This advantage gives the Soprano Titanium more flexibility reducing the time required to switch treatment heads on systems with only 1 socket.

Safer & painless – ICE Plus
The advanced technology with continuous cooling ensures comfort as it cools the skin and facilitates the control of temperature throughout the treatment. The new ICE PlusTM cold sapphire tip reduces the risk of skin damage while maintaining the temperature inside the skin, where hair follicles are located.

For all skin types: FDA certified, it is ideal for light skin, sun tanned, or tanned skin. It is effective and safe for all hair types (fine, blonde, etc.)